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Oh, Doctor

Oh doctor, I can't quit crying,
Got a rainbow round my head that waters my mind
I got circles inside of me
And I can't keep my mind off eternity
When I'm up, when I'm up
You know I'm upside down

I been walking a line
And I'm sick of trying
You're staring at me - what can I do but complain
I reach out to you and feel your pain
I keep looking back to see
what kind of padlock I got on my mind
Yeah you know I'm upside down

Oh please, can't you cure me chemically?
Take away all the pain bottled up in me
And all that I feel and what I see
You know it just can't be, it just can't be
When I'm up, when I'm up
You know I'm upside down

I can see, little girl, that you're upside down
You got a rainbow round your head that waters your mind
You got circles inside of you
And you can't keep your mind on reality too
When you're up, when you're up
You know you're upside down

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer