1997 Collection
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Recorded April 1984
Caroline - voices, piano, guitar
w/ Charles Sauer - mandolin, bass



Cinderella high steps it to the ball
The lights go down, music fills the dance hall
Memories become the prince
He's just the same, hasn't changed an inch
Empty arms can catch a dream
When night time isn't what it seems
Then yesterday becomes today in an ordinary way

If only midnight wouldn't come
The starlight would go on forever
If my pumpkin would always run
And morning wouldn't blow my cover
Twinkle twinkle little star
But we all know the way you are
If only you would make believe with me tonight
I know that everything would be alright

Time ticks on, the TV blares
Blabbing from the wall
Tiny daemons on parade
Up and down the hall
Trying to maintain the status quo
It's all she wrote and there ain't no mo'
Then yesterday becomes today in an ordinary way

When secrets meet the light of day
Then they believe in no one
Time and tension (thick as thieves)
Standing still for someone
Who believes, and though it rhymes real neat
These old glass slippers won't fit my feet
When yesterday becomes today in an ordinary way

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer