1997 Collection
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Did Beethoven ever have B.O.? (oh, no!)
Did Tchaikovsky ever see a flea? (not me!)
And beside that oh won't you tell me please (please!)
If Chopin had a social disease?

Did Bach diminuendo when he fached?
Were there athlete's feet inside Wagner's socks?
And above all won't you tell me this:
Did Mozart ever break to take a piss?

Did Beethoven ever ...

Those masters of the keyboard can you tell?
Were they good old boys or did they wreck hotels?
And as into my own life I go
I wonder if I'll ever really know

Did Beethoven ever ...

Did Ravel ever kiss and tell or gossip?
Did Haydn ever hide in a closet?
And one last question grows inside my heart:
Did all the great composers ever fart?

Did Beethoven ever ...

Copyright 1984 Caroline Abbitt Sauer